Our Firm

2SV Capital is a middle market investment firm that invests up to $50 million in any single company.

Our mission is ...... "TO SEE VALUE".  This is the origin of our name 2SV Capital.

Simply stated, the partners at 2SV work hard to find opportunity where our competitors may not see it. Inevitably, this means approaching every investment with creativity, focused analysis and a deeper level of investigation. We leverage our experience and operating team in order to truly understand the risks and the upside potential for a company.

Once invested, we are company builders. We partner with managers who have high aspirations for their company and we work together to create world class competitors. The 2SV partners have a strong track record of building substantial companies, including several businesses that have reinvented their respective industries.

The firm was founded in 2008 by Drew Sawyer a private equity professional with over 20 years of experience. He was formerly a Partner and co-founder of Parthenon Capital. During his tenure, the firm raised over $1 billion in equity capital returning top quartile results through bull & bear markets. In addition, the 2SV team includes experienced investment and operational veterans. We also maintain a network of accomplished and recognized industry executives to aid in building our portfolio companies.

We distinguish ourselves by our flexible approach. We will invest across different securities (debt, preferred stock and common). We will pursue opportunities at different stages; including challenging under-performing situations. In every deal, we will have a very clear game plan for building substantial value in the business prior to investing. This plan will be co-developed with the management team and there will be complete agreement by all stakeholders on this plan and the investments required to achieve it.