Investment Approach

2SV's approach is simply to manage risk; not avoid it.  Our investments are based on thorough diligence and deep analysis of each opportunity.  We view each opportunity independently and develop the investment thesis based on an in-depth understanding of the company, the market and the financing dynamics.  Throughout our process we work closely with the management team and involve many of our subject matter experts almost always including experienced senior executives from the target market.

2SV maintains the following discipline across all of their investments:

  1. We seek to protect the principal invested
  2. Our investments are oriented to generate cash and to be run without the need for additional equity financing.  We are willing to invest more capital for growth by acquisition
  3. We generate returns from operating leverage, business development, corporate restructuring or  improved  operating efficiencies

Our flexible structure enables us to create the optimal transaction structure for the business regardless of the security.  We seek investments in private and public companies and are willing to invest in debt or equity securities.  We are prepared to consider minority positions but aim to effect control transactions.  We are ready to consider the out-of-favor, in-transition, non-strategic divestitures or more challenged situations.

We manage all of our investments against strict financial controls.  We offer our investments access to our network of executives as well as broad financial support and strategic guidance.  We take a very active board role in supporting all of our investments.  We bring a wealth of experience to help companies with growth by acquisition and through strategic business development opportunities.  We are ready to provide our portfolio companies with deep transaction support and access to the global capital markets.